Monday, July 03, 2006


Today I passed my last exam of the season. Greek Art.
Bought a 6 mm circular needle and now I eagerly wait for the yarn to arrive.
As for the would-be Thai dish in my fridge story, I wasn't absolutely sure what was the anonymous reader asking about. So, in the empty fridge, there was a jar of olives, onion in a plastic bag, a can of beer in the door and the yellow thing is mustard. With whole grains. Made by me, so nothing Thai about it.
I probably suffered a mild sunstroke so I'm not in the best thinking state. And I have no ideas, no pics, nothing. And have to pack, I'm leaving tomorrow for my parents' place, Tähti leaves as well so I have to pack all I'll need the following days into one suitcase and it's gonna be a huge topologic challenge.
I'll be back tomorrow. Or on Wednesday.