Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I'm sorry that I haven't written something cool or funny or just something these days, I'm basically sitting in my office, working my ass off.
The wedding went ok, or at least I survived. The hairdresser spent two hours nagging that I have bad hair while tearing it off continuously and resulted in producing something heavily covered by hair spray. I could have done it better. Well, next time.
The wedding itself was the usual mixture of sentimet, botedom and later on, drunk relatives.
Since Monday, I've been here, if I'm not dead by now.
I started knitting gloves. Or rather a glove. We'll see.
As I might have mentioned, a friend promised me to give me a lift to Helsinki.... basically, he promised that their production manager give me a lift to Helsinki. I sort of thought that someone will organize it and then tell me Ok, we'll pick you there at that time and you give us that much money for whatever. No way, Matej called me whether I've done something and I said Who, me? and he promised me the production woman's phone number which she sent two days later. After havin registered at the Hospitality club, found someone to lodge me for two days and in general, sorting things out, I called the lady and she told me that, ehm, tehy cannot get the ferry tickets and anyway. So, I've just bought an airline ticket (which I cannot afford, but the question is now: what the hell I can afford with basically zero at the bank account and 15 euros in a can and some 500 czk (some more 15 euros) in the ashtray?), I'll go by air (I can get drunk on board for free, another plus of the project. I hate flying, basically), it'll cost moreless the same and I'll save three days of travel. Or four or how many.
Tomorrow I'm going to the mountains. Expect something on plants on Monday.