Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I went hiking. The results are thus:
(1) my knee is still pissed
(2) my calves hurt like hell until today. Because my knees are shit, I cannot use them while walking downhill and I need to tiptoe. I discovered several new, unexpected muscles in my calves.
(3) the macro lens works
Primula, further unspecified, I'm lazy

Viola canina, I guess that not perfectly focused.

(4) winter still is.
I was in the same area with the Finns a year ago and there were a few bits of snow, they mostly are in this time of the year (but for the very hot spring some five years ago when the plants were two months ahead). This year, I wanted to go with friends but since I didn't hear from them, I went alone... and needed to find my way in the snow. It was odd. First, I was overtly optimist so I was wearing a tank top and sandals, no warm stuff with me. Second, it's the freaking May! We're not Lapland, there should be flowers, no darn snow. It was charming, in a way. I like the area and I could view it from another (frozen) perspective. And snow smells nice. I found out that hiking can be nice for heating up - yes, you can climb a hill in the snow, in sandals but you have to move.

The plants are from a valley around 600m lower. They would be long gone in my home area. I picked some herbs, too. I'll be back in a month or so with more plants to poke around.