Friday, April 04, 2008

In the tracks of Bridget Jones

That's me at work, wasting my youth away. I do look like a DJ high on DDT which I am not. It's just me, white haired, white skinned, white-clad. Listening to Timo Rautiainen and I don't want my music taste to be disputed. I don't usually spend my workdays with headset on but I live next to a huge laser printer that makes sounds similar to steam powered locomotive and we do lots of printing these days so rock music is a defense of my sanity*.

I admit it, I need to lose weight (see the soggy face).
It has nothing to do with my parents' continous nagging, teaching them to say Bon Appetit instead Don't eat that much, you're obese is another issue.
I started working out. The reason was pretty simple. I sit in the office all day long, write some crap all day long (thus no decent blogging lately) and then I come home with my hips aching and legs swollen and brain swollen and even my cellulite hurts.
I discussed this thing with a friend who has some other issues but the same outcome and we started a contest: who will lose ten kilos earlier.
That's me, an old friend of all things silly.
So, on Tuesday (or Wednesday, definitely not yesterday) I had 89 kilos including celly and handbag.
Tall 175, that's not a variable.
No chocolate today, I ate it all yesterday.
I don't smoke and I seem to be the last person in the world. Definitely the last one in the family and the last one in the office so this Bridget Jones category will be skipped.
Worked out only like 20 min in the morning, had to be at work early.

This is my new sweater. In yarn that is softer than butter, striped at the back, with lace leaves on the front. Just to show you that I'm the good ole, albeit pale, me.

* 'm not discussing this now. I'm a tired person and arguing with tired people is dangerous. They bite.