Thursday, February 28, 2008

Holy crap

I thought that being ill plainly sucked. I thought that this week I might be back to work.... working and such. Indeed to get the work done.
On Saturday I had quite a bit of fever, same on Sunday. Monday morning I got up, stumbled to the bathroom as usual, stared in the mirror as usual and then almost laughed my ass off. I had the funniest rash ever. All my face and hands covered in red spots. I needed to go to the doc anyway and my vague theory about allergy to some meds was confirmed. Antibiotics. Again. Every time I get antibiotics, I get allergy, at least in the last ten years. I got a calcium shot, some other meds and went to the office. People grinned at me. When I went to buy something to eat, the cashier loooked at me as if I were to be buried on the plague cemetery. Soon and deep, preferably.
On Tuesday, second layer of the crap appeared and it started to itch. I went for another calcium shot, complained, got a prescription for something against the itching, dropped at the office, people grinned again but considerably less because I was all swollen and looked rather miserable.
Just now the crap is leaving my face and hands. The other allergy pills make me sleepy but itchless, at least. The worst part of the rash is on my feet - yes, you can have rash on the soles of your feet, too. I have swollen toes and problems squeezing my feet in the shoes. But... it's going away.
I could stand another week of fever, too. I had totally no appetite and lost some four kilos.

But, the spring started. I suppose that next weekend or so I could go out hiking or something.

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