Friday, February 08, 2008

Just so

I started knitting the black silk sweater around two weeks ago thinking that I'd jsut leave it plain black, there are the little colourful blobs in the yarn anyway but then I got an Idea. That I'll embellish it with the single orphan skein of Tsubaki in blues and pinks. I knit on the train where I discovered that I have only one needle and for my basic sweater I need basically two. It can be done with one but with a bit of difficulties - you need to squeeze two armspans on one needle, in this case 80cm. The stranded part could be done on one only too, but I invested 40 cowrie shells into another 5mm circular (made of undefined grey matter), 5mm is my usual size anyway. I adapted one motif from Stickmönster på Öland and added the frame around it to have a well-defined stripe.
The problem showed when the wonderful light blue changed to dark blue and then into purple. Just way too many colours - and the yarn has pink and a length of green and some teal, too. I ended up with clipping the yarn and joining only the light blue pieces as much as possible - I was too lazy to rip the dark blue at the beginning, bad enough that two rows with purple had to go. But the result is satisfactory although I don't have yarn enough for the solid blue stripe I wanted to make at the back part. It doesn't matter that much, though. I named the pattern Faraway bride, there's something sentimental about it. One day I might even write it down.
The other piece of yarn porn is mohair blend I dyed for one exchange sweater. Just so.

We're having presidential elections these days. The parliament is arguing how to vote.
When we had the parliament elections, it was a draw and the guys were arguing who would be in the government so we were without any for seven months. The state budget of that year was far the best in the last 10 or so years. One wonders what's the politicians good for.
I'm still laptopless - the cable is at home II. so the battery is out. And will be for a while. So, since I don't remember my passwords, I cannot log on to my places and I cannot waste time chatting and such... and I can go home from office, Mommy is making roasted ribs.

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