Monday, March 10, 2008

Just so

I got the review of my manuscript and I'm absolutely happy because it was good. There were a few mistakes but that's what's reviewing good for and the guy said that he liked the whole thing. Since I'm not a historian as such and since I'm not actually an expert in children nor teaching, it felt good. Especially after my ex-co-author declared the draft a piece of crap.
It was however a friendly review written by someone who doesn't want to nitpick nor show that he knows something, too. The unfriendly reviews are done by folks appointed by the ministry and they might have strange opinions. They often do, in fact. Some of the reviewers are plain teachers who do not need to be plain morons by definiton but many are.... so I expect comments like I think this should be done differently. Yuck. And since the textbook mentions various religions (most of history is religious wars, religious arguments, religious art and such), it has to be appointed by some organization of each bunch. The guy who reviews it for Jews is a crazy maniac who will happily want every square milimetre filled in with some Jew-related something. The Christians are normal or ignorant, meaning less work for us in the publishing. The Gypsy organization is pretty new and I hope the Muslims do not need to have it since there's a single notion of wars with Turks who do not necessarily have to be taken as Muslims because nothing of their religious inclinations (or any other inclinations, for that matter) is mentioned.
Luckily, it doesn't have to get an approval from the Union of Steam Engineers (nineteenth century is often referred to as Century of Steam), Voluntary Organization of Parchment Producers (parchment was used to write on and is discussed as such) or whatever crazy things one might invent.

Blogger doesn't want to upload pictures. Damn bastard. You are not getting any, then.

Yes, and today is the last day with shitty hair colour.

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