Sunday, March 30, 2008

Someone stole an hour of my life.

Yes, admittedly, I dislike daylight saving time. It feels like morning and it's midday. Or the other way round. I don't know, I'm temporarily lost.

For those who might be concerned about my wellbeing, then:
I'm alive and kicking. I feel fine. Sun is shining and the prospect of a week well spent in the office is enthralling... damn it. That's just the way the world works.
And yes, for some personal reasons not to be discussed here, I feel like shit. Send me some chocolate. Or yarn. Or not. Whatever. Just try to avoid me, I might bite.
I finished the rug and I pray with the full fervour of a devout atheist* that it doesn't come up as a total ugly tangle. To those who might be concerned about my rising idiocy, then be aware that I rolled the thing in two bedsheets and tied it. As soon as I lift my ugly lazy ass to go and make some coffee (I feel so shitty that I woke up two hours ago and didn't feel an urge to have a coffee), I'll check that it didn't tangle.

Five minutes later: no it din't.
I made some coffee, too. I was told to eat breakfast, that it's healthy. I was also told to wear shoes that would support my ankles and a few other things. But... I guess I'll stick to my ways.

*my religious and philosophical views may be discussed on the blog but I don't feel like that now. This one is a figure of speech I like, that's it.