Friday, February 15, 2008

Postal odyssey, part II.

Today I had a headache. It shifted from my neck solely to my head and did its best to become worse as the day went by.

I went to the post office with the customs storage. It's at the other end of the city which makes it a nice trip or at least would make it a nice trip if my legs weren't too heavy to lift and my head wasn't trying to explode upon every faster move of my upper body.
The post office is ugly, there's the canteen for employees and they served sour cabbage today because the whole building smelled of sour cabbage. Yuck. I found the right office, the lady told me straight away They didn't let you know that you were to pick your mail, did some stamping and stickering and I got my yarn. Lovely yarn, for that matter and you'll get a pic when the batteries are recharged. Unless my head explodes before that.

The other job was to buy mohair yarn - I did some stupidly stupid calculating mistake: one 50g ball of yarn A has 55m, one ball of yarn B has 166m, I used up ten of the former, four of the latter will suffice for the same project. In reality, yarn A was 110m/50g meaning that actually I needed over a kilometre and yarn B comes in 100g balls so I would need not four but eight or so. Obviously, they didn't have the yarn I needed anymore. Not in another shop, not in the storehouse, never more. I had to fish something suitable which is mohair/acrylic blend and I should wind it into long skeins (walk that kilometre between two chairs, basically) and dye it grey, burgundy and green but I cannot move. I wonder whether I could knit the sweater and paint the stripes onto it later. It should work. It will work.
And, the yarn is in a 1.4kg cone.

I have a terrible headache, did I mention it? When I jumped up because I remembered that I forgot about the rice I was making, it tried to kill me. I tried to calm down - it doesn't hurt when I don't move, it jsut feels tense, then, but it didn't work for quite a while so I jumped around holding my head as if badly mimicking the Munch guy.
Now, I'm moving around only if I really have to, like, to bring coffee or the remote control. I have to move slowly so to a random observer it might seem that I move immersed in jelly.
Imagining that I just moved today's work to tomorrow and that I have to pick some people at the bus station and take them to the dorms (two hours on public transport), I feel like going and killing myself. Sigh.

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