Thursday, February 14, 2008

Postal odyssey

I might have mentioned (read: I did lots of cursing all over the place) that local post office has some issue with parcels. They are delivered by another bunch of people than letter mail. Don't ask me why, post office is just an entity on its own.

Well, the parcel guys have those nice blue pickups on which "You post today, we deliver tomorrow" is written in neat yellow letters. They should go, bang your door and when you don't open, they should bang your neighbour's door. When there are no neighbours around, they are supposed leave a notice in the mailbox. True, there might be an obstacle, in many apartment blocks, the mailboxes are behind the door, not outside, don't ask me why - only recently the houses are built in such a way that the mail can be thrown in from outside.* In such case, they leave a notice at the local post office and my mailwoman brings a notice two weeks later, which says Hey, your mail will go back the day after tomorrow.

It was September 2006 when I actually got a package delivered by a post guy. Since then, they must be happily having their snack somewhere warm because nobody ever bothers to bang my door. They would succeed, when I'm in Prague, I tend to be at home most days. So is the next door lady who is pensioned and another bunch of people in the house who are stay at home moms, pensioned and such. The mailwoman doesn't hesitate about leaving my registered mail at the neighbour, they are allowed to do that - so why not the parcel guys?
I always get the piece of paper that my mail will be sent back. It happened to me once that it actually did go back, I might be off home for more than two days. The last time I didn't pick my parcel was like two weeks ago and the little problem is that it's from the U.S. I was totally pissed. I wanted to make an angry call to the parcel centre but they never picked the phone. They might know their customers, it seems.
I contacted the person who was selling me the yarn (yes, yarn. Rare vintage) and told her that she might get the parcel back and that I'm not a jerk, the post people are.
However, today I came home and I had a notice in my mailbox that there's a registered letter left at neighbour's. It was from Uncollected Mail Central, that my parcel from the U.S. which I hadn't collected is waiting there. It's all across the town but, good enough. I won't complain anymore that life is boring. And, I'll update tomorrow on new experiences with the post.
*I suppose that this could go along with typical foods, folklore and such. Indigenous culture.

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