Monday, February 25, 2008

The second suckiest birthday ever

I'm still ill. I was ill around my birthday too but it was better by then, I just thought I had sinusitis which would be easily cured by the antibiotics. I felt crappy, it sucked, most people cared a damn and such.
Meantime, it showed that the antibiotics don't work. I had fever again and such. My doc on the phone had a good laugh, saying that every GP claims every cold plus headache a sinusitis whereas them, experts, need an x-ray to see, that I should take some painkiller and go to bed.
Which I did. Today I woke up, stumbled to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. I have the funniest rash ever, folks. If you're good girls and boys, I'll take a pic.
I went to the GP, she rolled her eyes when she saw me, said that it's an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, I got a calcium and some other crap (I hate shots. It hurts me. I'll have to ask someone about the spray anaesthetic that my dentist has for cases like me, folks who have low pain threshold and tend to howl and fight), some more allergy meds and was told to come for another shot tomorrow. Later on I remembered that I forgot to ask what to do about the fever.
Yeah, and I have totally no appetite. I just stopped eating. I even don't like coffee. It lead me to thoughts that I should have cleaned my place because I might be dying and such.
The worst thing is that I absolutely need to work. I'll get some glucose or something so that the brain has some food but..... I would only too happily lie and doze until it all goes away.