Monday, April 21, 2008


(1) On Tuesday Mom came. She insisted on buying me some clothes in the local Tesco but I don't go for that crap unless it's the final sale. After three laundry cycles, my fave baby blue top changed into baby blue washrag... you get the point. I asked for washing powder and sunscreen. Due to my allergies to everything, my sunscreen is in the very expensive category and the washing stuff without scents and fabric softeners is the same. And when I'll have lost those ten kilos, I'll have lots of cool Italian clothes to wear anyway.
(3) On Wednesday I had the interview for scholarship to Italy. It went well, the people before me apparently had worse Italian or a tendency to answer questions with one syllable which might well make the same impression. Especially to me, sitting behind upholstered door.
(4) Got a grant. Dunno how much, I asked for 10 000 euros but the mail said that the budgets were cut down for everybody. I don't remember my password for the university files, I'll have to go and ask for a new one. Well done.
(5) Got work.
(6) I compensated getting work by spending some 100 euros on yarn.
(7) Lost some weight despite all the chocolate and poppy cake. Well done.
(8) Hannu's socks:

It's my feet, not those of Hannu. I just don't shave my legs too often since I've stopped going to dance classes.
(9) I finally called the photography supplies place and ordered my macro lens.

I noticed I skipped point two.
(2) The Rug. Felted, needs ironing.

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