Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend spent in a useful way

On Saturday I did some gardening. My back has very sharp opinion about untrained people shoveling the soil around even now, two days later.
I was in the forest yesterday to take a few pics. The weather was lousy and I hear that winter will be back.

Daphne mezereum
. It blossomed nicely a week ago, though.

aphne mezereum. A bit of detail. The shrub, apart from being poisonous as hell, has pretty little pink blossoms and when the leaves start to sprout, the colour combo is great. Sunny day would be much nicer.

Pulmonaria officinalis.
Nice herb, along with Primula an ingredient to my Grandma's all-powerful blend against cold. And it's a nice flower, too.

Cordyalis cava.
Comes in several colours, not only pink but also white and purple. Not edible, as far as I know.