Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend spent in a useless way

I conducted some experiments on myself. If I get some yoghurt, I become sick. If I take it with lactase, I do not become sick. In theory there shouldn't be that much lactose in yoghurt but maybe my guts didn't notice.
I discovered that mozzarella is full of lactose. I'm sick even now and so bloated that I could float in the air weren't it for my heavy bones.
Been to the doc. I needed a tetanus shot and I wanted to ask a few things anyway. Good enough that the antibiotics cured my diarrhoea. As for my indigestions, I was told not to eat things that make me sick. What I'm supposed to eat then is probably kept secret from me by the all-over-the-world conspiration. Seems that there are two sorts of things to eat, those that I don't like and those that make me sick. Okay, I'm allergic to nuts but no big deal if I eat them and the same with apples.
As for lactase, it seems that it doesn't exist here. I have still some left from Finland. Google spat only one relevant search result (something that is sold here). A bit of simple mathing told me that it's four times as expensive as the Finnish stuff. And they say Finland is an expensive country.

Mom has some fat-bashing period these days. It's becoming irritating. Today we went shopping together and I wanted to have a look at quite a nice hoodie. It was cut to fit snugly so I just said that it's not a thing for me. My gracious mother said that this is, after all, a store for normal and sporty people, not for me. I missed the right time to kick her shin which I bitterly regret.

I look the same. Just like a zombie DJ so no pic of me today.