Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not working.

I'm at parents' and didn't bother to take the laptop with me. I'm thus in the office where one computer has Photoshop but not usb ports. The other comps do have usb ports so I could theoretically download pics on the server from one computer to another. The IT idiot however messed with the connection of users to the server so I cannot connect onto the server.

It means that I won't show you the pictures of the finished rug. Nor any other pictures I have ready to boast about.

Dad is ill. Not the usual man flu but some nasty inflammation. He even got antibiotics but he's in such a wretched state that I even skipped the obvious remark of Remember what it did to me last month. I have to go home to bring him food.

I'll be making poppy seed cake, folks. I've been dieting for quite a few days (okay, I'm denying the bar of chocolate on Monday evening) and it seems to be working so I deserve a treat.