Monday, December 17, 2007

In a hurry

It's my proms today. All possible and impossible relatives coming, I need to go with the trash to the post office and to the bank and to get some cat sand and something to eat (I don't feel like cooking now and the reception is at four). I need to do my hair and my face - I have a rash on my face and it itches. I have acne and it's all inflamed. Once upon a time I need to look at least passably good. There's not a decent pair of tights (I'm gonna wear a dress, folks) in this house because there's no pair of tights. Not a thing I'd wear. I feel weird about this. I hate formal clothes and if I need some, I love to make fun of the formalities with crazy shoes or something. Well, those I have. My all-purpose pink and lilac stiletto slingbacks. I have a lilac silk flower which I might toss in my hair which reminds me that I should do my hair, too. And, I have to manage somehow and not to get any cat hair or my hair onto the damn dress, it's black velvet.

But, the trash. The bag is ready at the door and half of it is the contents of the sandbox. And nails first.
Off I go, pictures will follow someday. Some distant day, as I know myself.