Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pain in the arse

Actually I have a headache. I have a nasty cold and I'm possibly dehydrated but I'm too lazy to lift my tired and lazy self to bring myself a glass of water.*

Editing is in progress. It sucks. Sitting next to the editor, arguing about every second word and then arguing about the rest is draining me totally. The editor is okay and she doesn't want to be mean but sometimes she gets carried away, sometimes she doesn't get that there's a simple typo and not a huge example of idiocy from my part, sometimes things just aren't right and neither is able to find the way.

I also wanted to write about nice spring weather - it was so sunny and clear that I could see the mountains covered in snow when I went to work on Monday morning but it started to be rainy and crappy again.

I would be only too happy to write about anything else nice but I'm just too tired to notice things. And, I'm at parents. Had the silliest argument ever **. Mom told me that I'm fat and ugly (not that I wouldn't know but I don't need to hear) and mentioned that I might go to the gym, that the guy who is renting the place owes my father a ton of money.... and I said okay, a personal trainer could work for me, I have wiggly ankles and I don't know what to do with them. My gracious mother got furious, that I'm fat and ugly and all I care about are some useless little muscles on my feet instead of losing weight.
Yes, I did send her to hell.

*upon writing which I lifted my ass and went to drink something.
**it's just a cliche. There might be sillier ones. Take it easy