Friday, December 14, 2007

Just so

There's an exhibition organized and paid for by the city council. Since all the money allocated went to restoring the exhibited stuff, it has no advertising whatsoever. It is in the Clam-Gallas Palace and oddly enough, it is about Clam-Gallas Palace. And... nobody knows about it.
Johann Fischer of Erlach was the architect of the building which means that the palace is the topmost jewel of Baroque architecture. I'm not expert on Baroque, sorry, so most I can say is that the building is cute.
The exhibition shows, among others, the original plans and sketches of the interior decorations which were preserved in such an extent as no other examples, partly due to the changes of the plan - the plans would be otherwise 'used up' during the construction and whatever remained would be thrown away as scrap paper. And the interior sketches are the largest drawings surviving by Fischer - who was originally trained as a sculptor and who was a great drawer, the largest convolute of construction plans existing - they don't have anything comparable even in Italy. And... nobody knows. If you go to Prague before January 27, drop there. The exhibition isn't showy at all but if for nothing else, it's worth seeing the plans.

I went to pick my yarns. Ravelry is stuck, I put the yarn porn here so that I can brag about it. I got some French designer yarns - eight balls of woolen tweed by Dorothée Bis (isn't that cool?) which I vaguely plan to use for some heavy sweater and some Pierre Cardin cotton-wool blend which is really cute.
And some Noro. As usual - I discovered that I do buy other yarns from the sellers from which I get Noro, otherwise I don't bother. With the French ones, it was three skeins of Yamato and one skein of something apparently Noro-ish but not Yamato. More silk in it.
Then there's Miho which is thin viscose thread and it's lovable and useless. Twenty skeins of Yamabiko and nine skeins of the other Asuka. I should go on yarn diet.
I'm testing the bamboo socks. They are too loose and shapeless to wear but they feel nice. The fabric has become totally flat on the soles (pic not shown) and I'm really curious how long will it take before they fall apart. I have a kilo of this yarn so I'll need to invent an alternative use, I guess.