Monday, December 10, 2007

Things gone bad

Did I already mention the family business? Possibly so.
There is the publishing house where I grew up. Then, there's my father who is the owner and The Chief. And he's thinking about selling the whole thing to the Finns.
Nothing against Finns, nothing against anything. But, this is my playground and I do not want to share it with anyone, Finns or whoever.
The only problem is, to take the publishing house over, I would have to work with my father - he's a nice person but impossible to work with. I hate some of his ways, like letting some issues just rot away, I hate his attitude to people (kick their asses to make them work better - might work on cleaners but people with two Ph.D.s do not really appreciate it), he's also surrounding himself with inept people to stand out as the smartest one. And, he has this way of telling people what to do: Go there, I don't know where, get that, I don't know what and how come that it's not done yet. I know I cannot work with him or else we kill each other within a few days - we're both too strong personalities with views too different. I worked with him in the past and I've had enough.
Yes, getting some financial support from a multinational something would be nice, there are some economical problems, mainly because The Chief is playing with cars instead of doing economy and blames my mother (the editor-in-chief called also The Bestest Boss - not by me, we argue a lot) that she should do more. Like, doing the editing and supervising ten people, writing her own stuff, doing the PR, marketing, going to schools, inventing advertising campaigns and teaching at universities and maybe she could sit on a stationary bicycle and make some electricity, too. Anyhow, getting a partner would mean that the place wouldn't be my playground anymore. I'm a generous person but there are a few things I do not share. Books, money, underwear, toothbrushes and playgrounds. Selling the publishing house off - well, for me it makes no difference whether it's owned and ran by someone else or closed down. It's not, then.
It's not sold yet, there are some proceedings and negotiations going on and I hope the Finns will find out that the whole thing sucks and they do not want it anyway. But, I just have to decide what to do - if I say Hey, I want this, I'm quitting school and I want to run the house, I'll get it. But I don't want to quit school. Nor want I to decide that I'll get the Ph.D. first and then I'll go run the house instead of doing research.
The school sucks. The general attitude the Ph.D. students is Don't go to school, don't block the hallways and don't bother and I'd like to learn something yet which means going abroad (for which I need to get some scholarship somewhere with which I cannot expect any help from the school). And if I wanted to do some serious research, I suppose I'd have to move abroad.

What the hell should I do? I have no idea.