Thursday, November 22, 2007


I was happily working on the shrug. Well, not really happily, the long rows are plainly boring. So I was happily knitting without thinking and guess what, I screwed it. I discovered it after two rows of some 288 stitches. Just now I§m in the middle of the ripping process. The little and negligible problem about Selbu knitting is that there are more colours in one row and the rows aren't always too straight so you might pick all the stitches and then the one in the middle is not row 3 but row 2... and back to the beginning. But, I can live with it. Yes, and I forgot to add that I hate the pattern and I hate the yarn and I hate the colours and I hate it all.
I got somehow frustrated and turned to the Pink Earth sweater. It's a raglan knit from the bottom. And I found out that the parts over the sleeves are just different. So I have to rip half of it . Thyarn is damn nasty slippery and I hate it. But it'll be easy to reknit at least.
I gave in and went to read some exciting book on the 16th century. My publisher is becoming a bit annoying, asking me twice a day how I'm doing and stuff and I'm telling her to let me work and that I have no idea how to explain the Stone age to the kids but that I'll see to it later and... anyway. Publishers are evil. I know it, I worked in publishing for a while and I was bossing people like this as well.
Yep, and I'm starting with a new job after the New Year. Well, new job, I was the art director in the company before I started studying so I guess I can still use my old business cards.
There's some Romeo and Juliet themed programme on the radio. The Prokofiev's suite is much cooler than that one by Tchaikovsky, seems to me. I'll get both, it's a good music for dancing. Now I'm off, need to earn some money, leave for parents', there's that damn wedding and stuff and I have a ton of books in the library to digest and I'll be bossing the graphics guy - I can do it in much more interesting ways as an author than as an art director.