Monday, December 03, 2007


I finished the shrug, now it's blocking. I wanted to hand wash it only but it was still leaving tons of lanolin (did they wash the yarn at all?) so I tossed it in the washing machine. I have a suspicion that the lanolin will be washing off for quite a time, the yarn is still somewhat stiff and dense but it's getting better with every wash - you do not want to know what came off when I washed the skeins (they felt greasy to me just when I touched them). But I didn't wash all the skeins and I might have grabbed an unwashed one. I'm not the most ordinate person in the world.
It wasn't too easy to be yarn-ordinate in my room which was flooded in yarn. I should have taken the 'before' picture but I did not. But, basically, there was a huge heap of yarn by the wall and random bags and skeins in all possible and impossible places.
I sorted everything out - a box for leftovers and small amounts,another for large amounts of get-me-rid-of-this, big plastic bag for acrylics.... put it to my Ravelry stash folder and what I do not need or I do not have any use for, went for sale. Handpaints on etsy, commercial yarns on Ravelry trade/sell page. I posted a note on the local knitting forum and know what? Within two hours I found new happy owners of more than a kilo of baby acrylic yarns. For non-knitters: that's a huge bag. Not that huge as the one on the pic, around a third of it. And, I have some nice handdyed sock yarn, folks. Mean the Christmas.
I couldn't resist displaying my collection. Lots of very nice yarn. I have it not for knitting but for having it. Do not ask why, go pet your collection of coffee cups or whatever you have. Yes, you too.
This one arrived in today's mail. Rare piece.