Thursday, December 06, 2007

Something for the world

Chicken with chesnut and apple stuffing
1 chicken
a handful of chesnuts
5 apples of your preference
a cup of millet flakes
1 egg
salt, pepper, oregano, oil

Stuffing: Roast the chesnuts and chop them. Soak the millet flakes, throw inthe chesnuts, chop one of the apples and throw it in, too. Add one apple, salt, spice generously.
Stuff the stuffing into the chicken.
Roast until the chicken starts falling apart in a well oiled baking tray at some 200 degrees. Celsius, please. Pour over with water from time to time. Ten minutes before you decide it finished, add the remaining apples and stuffing.

One of my ad hoc recipes.

I've been writing all day long so I deserve a nice dinner. Next time it'll be something soaked in wine.