Monday, November 26, 2007

Family weekends should be outlawed.

First and foremost, could someone the hell be that fucking kind and take the dog to the vet? She has arthritis, she barely walks so it would be indeed nice. Yes, I would do it myself but there are several drawback, like the nearest vet being two kilometres away. Walking it with an old dog who has problems making it those ten metres to the back yard is out of question, taking her there by the tram won't work because muzzles are strictly required in the public transport and the dog never had any..... and neither pissed off howling huskis are allowed. And I cannot carry the dog all the way, she has like 30 kilos. Yeah, and I cannot drive.
Sometimes I think my father has no brains.

The cousin's wedding was just okay. I wouldn't want to have the groom's cousins as my neighbours but otherwise there was decent amount of food and fun. The only reason why I dislike weddings is that aunties and other relatives keep asking when I'll get married and I have some issues about relationships which are a bit difficult to explain even if I wanted to.

And, we had an argument with my parents. One of those killing stupid arguments that started as a series of mild misunderstanding and ended up in three people screaming about who offended whom. I didn't really get anyone's point although I did raise my voice when my mom accused me of not understanding on purpose and when she wanted that I admit that. I couldn't help being nasty and I told her that yes, if she wants to hear that I played stupid then here we go, Mommy, I played stupid on purpose to make you angry and added nicely that if she wanted, I could tell her some more lies that would be more entertaining. (As I mentioned many times, I'm not as nice as people often assume.)
Then the situation calmed down a bit, we went on talking and in the middle of my sentence Mom just walked away. She says that I'm impolite because I talk with my hands and that making gestures is offensive because she says so - and then just walks away without at least saying Good night. Holy shit. After a long time I cried. It was all the emotional overload of the whole weekend or something, usually I curse, kick a few pieces of furniture and that's it. When I ventured for a quest for tissues (do the people there blow their nose in pieces of toilet paper? Not everybody is allergic and thus having tissues dispersed all around but this is a season of colds and anyway....), I run into Mom and she obviously noticed that I had been crying.
In such situations, I mean when I see somebody crying or being otherwise down, I use something generally calming - an It'll be okay always does. My mother has much more original ways. She said "One shouldn't be overexcited, one should solve situations calmly." Thanks, Mommy for letting me know that I'm a hysterical idiot.
But, it wasn't that bad after all. I was told that I have no manners but it didn't reach the ultimate limits of mindless accusations which is You aren't grateful enough.

I'm back at my home, covered in cat hair again and I guess I'll take some knitting to bed along with a bowl of chocolates.