Sunday, December 02, 2007

Funny little things

I have a rash on my face and hands. It itches. It certainly doesn't look sexy. I hate all my damn allergies.
I started the day with oversleeping. At 0815 I was to be at the station (ten minutes walking, ten minutes on the bus) but at eight I was still in bed (yes, I was ebaying in the night so I had a break in sleeping at 3 a.m. Got those two skeins of Noro Miho, though). It took me three minutes to get out of the house (cleaning teeth included) and I got to the train - I was late for the meeting but there was almost no-one to meet.
We were to a nice little trip with a handful of the Erasmus students (pics later, I'm too lazy to find the camera), had a nice little hike and it was cool. It's always cool when there's only a handful of people but it's not economically viable. I took my knitting (lots of time on the train) but I forgot to take the needles.
I've been to theatre with Ivana to see a performance of the ballet of the Slovak National Theatre which was the modern ballet I like. Based on classic, with pointes and stuff, but not a museum. There's going to be some original Bournonville in May, too - I've seen some Bournonville choreographies in Copenhagen and they were not museum pieces, though, although 200 years old. The point is somewhere else, I'd say
And, thinking of the performance, I wonder how one does the entrelac with jumping? I have hard time to manage it on the ground. End of geeky rants.
I'm finishing Jane's shrug. I'll wash it tomorrow - Jane, I have allergy to fabric softener, I'll use my hair shampoo. Warning, it's something organic made of cade and lavender and it has a very specific smokey scent. It'll wash away.