Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mild progress, possibly in the right direction.

But these days any direction does, even if it leads directly to hell. It's still a progress.
I started working out regularly. Well, it doesn't really count as regular after only two days but I started. And on Tuesday, I didn't stick to my good ole rule that diets and similar things start on Monday. I decided to lose 17 kilos as soon as possible. Shitty goals like 'it could be done nicely and slowly in two years - no thanks. If I could gain that in about three months....
I started the second half of Jane's shrug. It's the smaller half (go on, mathematicians, kill me - then I don't have to keep the deadlines anymore. Pun not intended) so it goes faster and I get what I adore on Selbu knitting - the pattern growing under my hands. The area around the seam is not symmetrical which bugs me a bit. What bugs me more is that it is technically symmetrical, it just looks different. I hope to finish it today (high hopes) or tomorrow (more realistic), I'll give it a nice wash in some hair shampoo, the yarn needs it and off with it. There's more Christmas knitting to do, in some cases on the same needles.
Should someone be interested how the hell I knit these funky patterns that look complicated like hell, then see the second picture.
Sure, you can follow a detailed pattern. Feel free to do so.
I usually start with the 8 or 16 stitch module. I can make the 4 stitch patterns anyway and it enables me to use larget patterns. I have my own repertory of little patterns I use regularly and I guess it's nothing too original and I just put the patterns as I feel they might look nice. I'm okay up to 8 stitch patterns, in larger ones I need a bit of help too - either from a pattern book (I have one I got in Sweden) or I make a sketch. The flower was made in a cafe and since I do not carry sheets of graph paper with me, I sketched the grid. With a green pen on blue paper where green is for white and blue for black which practically means light and dark colour - as you can see above, it's cream white and blue. However, I warn you that if you do not have some experience and a some gift from gods, it may get totally fucked up and unbalanced. Same problems with the colours - I sometimes do not know whether they are plainly awful or whether it's my subjective opinion caused by something personal or not related to colours themselves. And one more warning, count five times. Just in case. If you are a raving lunatic, you will not use stitch markers.*
Should you want to use the above pattern, feel free to do so if you can read it.

Off to writing or something.
*I don't have any. I thus cannot use them.