Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm a genius

After several weeks of struggling and cursing I managed it. I discovered the right combination of the usb slot and the copy of my printer driver (it's been installed four times by mistake*) so that it prints. Sometimes the computer thought there was no printer. Sometimes the printer had the data inside but didn't print. Sometimes the hell only knows what was on their mind. Now I'm printing again although I have a HP Laserjet made in around 1998 with faulty paper feed but I'm printing, boys and girls.
Now I'm going to fill in the form I printed.
No yarn content today - then I'll go shopping for CZK 2411 worth of office supplies, I need to spend the rest of my grant.

Later on I went on knitting. I do not hope for finishing the shrug but I'm doing my best. Not now, sure. But, I nicely screwed a little thing again.

Screw up III. - slipped stitch and how to fix it.
If there wasn't already a row of pattern, I would plainly add
the stitch. I first thought that knitting two stitches together would be okay but it would disturb the pattern. And me.
The yellow ring shows the k2tog and I assure you that it's much more visible in real than on the picture and even much more irritating. The most irritating mistakes are in your work, for that matter. So, this fixture just didn't look nice.

Since it was only around 20 stitches from the end of the row, I decided to tear off (it's not even ripping, the performance made) the previous row and reknit it so that the pattern would fit. I picked the stitches on a thinner needle so that it would be easier and just knit the end of the row. I did that (on a needle of the proper size, it's not shown on the picture, though. Never ever knit a repair with a thinner needle - 4.5 and 5 is no difference but 3 and 5 would be.**

And obviously, always try to use the same tension. Nothing sucks more than a loop of yarn left in the middle of the fabric because you somehow pulled a bit more. I usually end up with excess yarn - I try to be careful so that I'm not short of yarn. And, my purl rows (here it's reverse) are a little bit looser than knit rows (obverse) but the fixing was done in knit, not purl. However, the white yarn has many floats so I could just loosen them a bit and it somehow absorbed itself.
The usual advice is, try it fifty times and you'll figure it out as did I. I even cannot knit, I just pretend well so don't take my words too serious.


*read lameness
**milimetres. I'm metric unless stated otherwise.