Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Caffeine and allergy pills

One day I'll be having nice, healthy breakfasts. One very distant day.
I just want to feel normal. I had a bit of problems with breathing and I wonder whether the aggravation of all my allergy problems is mental (and it'll go away when I'll stop thinking about it) or whether it's real. In any case, it sucks. I'm not getting rid of my food obsession, I still love to cook and I love to eat the good stuff. It just makes me sick.
Yesterday we were to see the Swan Lake in the State Opera. I hate the State Opera, it's for snobs. Yes, I know it, it's not just my biased opinion, I used to share a room with a student of marketing who worked there in the PR department and I was explicitly told that they aren't really interested in local audience because the Czechs have no culture and cannot appreciate the high artistic values of their production and in general, they are hillbillies and rednecks. I got some tickets from the abovementioned roommate and the opera was nice indeed, Dvořák's Dimitri. It was even better when I closed my eyes.
The Swan lake wasn't bad. I've seen the same piece in the National Theatre in the spring with much more boring stage design. However, the choreography was the same old Ivanov and Petipa - showy but mildly boring. Sometimes looking too much like working out in a group, sometimes like a series of little for everybody to show what they know. I admit, Bournonville's Academy(or what's its name) looks similar but it's the point of it. Yes, the ballet was a kitsch. Total showy lovable kitsch:D Ivana made some pictures and promised to send them someday.
Yet, there was an extremely nnoying thing. Bad floor that squeaked when the dancers were doing turns. And bad shoes. Imagine twenty pairs of pointe shoes (hard tip, you know) banging on the bad floor when there's good acoustics. I heard the stomping when there was loud music and it wasn't only when the whole corps was landing after a jump, it was even the little steps. Yes, I'm the biggest advocate of GM pointes and I might be biased because I never had any pointe shoes and after seeing the inside of others with the rough fabric glued onto cardboard or what the hell it is made of, my feet hurt. I value my feet too much to try the old-fashioned type and I just don't get it, why someone still uses them.

I was digging thru Facebook. I don't really use it more than as a sort of address book, there are other communities to talk and play. I came across the pics of Kristina, a long time friend and... she's so beautiful. She looks good on pics and I wonder why she isn't on the front page of Vogue. Maybe I should move to Paris to get the look, too:D