Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thai-Italian fusion

I'm not a renowned cook but I'm working on it.
Today's recipe is crazy but...

one onion
some zucchini
any veggies you fancy
one bag of red Thai sauce
a bottle of Chianti
any pasta you fancy
oil*, salt
Heat the oil in asaucepan, throw in chopped onion and the Thai sauce and let it fry. When the pan contents become sticky, toss in chopped vegetables and a bit of salt and put the lid on. Let it simmer and then add a glass of wine. Reduce theliquid and meantime prepare any pasta or rice you fancy. To be more fusion, mix them. When there's brown goo between pieces of veggies, add another glass of wine, stir, let warm up a bit and serve immediately. There needs to be some alcohol.
Parmesan is not necessary. I haven't decided whether I like the sauce but I'm having second serving of it. With spinach tortellini.

*olive oil. Almond or trouffle oil is sorta spice and that frying crap is not oil.