Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pure evil

Tähti decided that her well-being depends entirely on me. I bought a huge bag of cat food on Friday and she possibly noticed. (Finally.) I do not know whether cats are getting the basics of economy - I'm sure they are cunning enough to get it, I just wonder whether they bother or whether they let it to the humans.
Anyhow, Tähti apparently decided that I need to be looked after so that I don't play with yarn and that I work nicely. She shifted her sleeping place from behind the laptop to my mousepad (annoying annoying, she tends to sit on the mouse and move my cursor around) or she just sits behind the screen and looks at me.
I got some new yarns recently so I'm still knitting my ass off despite the urgent need to write. I made 1 (one) row of Jane's shrug today but at least it looks nice.