Monday, November 12, 2007

Hell of a shopping

I mentioned that I was told to get myself some jewellery from Grandma. I know what is expected, a little cute set of a pendant, ring and earrings. But, both my cousins are a head shorter and one indeed is a fragile red-haired and fair-skinned girl and the other is not exactly such but tries hard. Tiny cute earrings and stuff look okay on them.
If I was to get such a set, then with the amount of money I got, it would be even tinier to what the cousins got, you know, inflation. And I don't wear earrings anyway. I decided to get myself a ring.
I mentioned elsewhere that I have big paws. I have big bones in general. Maybe there are ten generations of lumberjacks somewhere in my ancestry and I inherited my physique rather from my Viking dad than from my slender, fashion model-type mom. Well, I'm more enduring and I never had a broken bone but....
I wanted to get that ring. I went to one shopping mall (Did I say that I detest shopping malls?) because I got a discount voucher for one jewellery store there. I found that place in the shopping hell there, I asked the shop assistants for assistance and.... Nope. I wear the rings on my index fingers or my middle fingers. It's just a habit. Anywhere else, the rings irritate me. I tried one. I could push it like two centimetres down my right (fingers on my right are thinner although I'm right-handed. Don't ask me why). I could push it onto my little finger. No thanks, what next? After trying rings in passable sizes (ugly guys' rings, forthat matter), it was discovered that I need size 58 at least and that the largest ladies' ring which I could tolerate, if not like, was 54 (Is that millimetres circumference? I have no idea). The shop assistant asked me just to wait a while, that she'll make a few phonecalls to other shops of the chain whether they don't have any of the tolerated designs in larger sizes so I was forced to hang around the mall.
I hate shopping malls. It's just shops with ugly clothes that dissolve after the third washing cycle (after giving you a rash) and moreover it's overpriced. If it's not to dissolve, then it's grossly overpriced. And ugly. There's shitty pop-music oozing from every corner.
Well, I went to Sephora which I learned to like in Italy and got myself some pressed powder and a Christmas gift to Dad (another hair shampoo. Yes). I bought those ear-picks and a waterproofing spray for my bag. I made an appointment for L'Oreal makeup ladies, they had some promo action there and I like to get my makeup done by pros, sometimes.
When I came back to the jewellery place, I was told that okay, they have one of those rings elsewhere and that I might go there. I said thank you and went away, pretty decided that I'm not going anywhere downtown in this awful drizzle and... and anyway. I opted for a coffee.
I hate cafes in the shopping malls. They are too would-be stylish and overpriced and they always play some trashy music there. When you hear trashy music from the alley and another trashy music from the cafe.... No, I'm not hearing-impaired. Maybe I'm the last from my generation but what the heck.
So, I was sitting in a would-be design chair at a would-be design table and I listened to an Italian kitschy pop song. Nothing against Eros Ramazotti, at least one can survive it but his songs are just repeating themselves. When the same song was on for the second time, I wasn't sure that it was the same. For the third time, I was absolutely sure and when it played round for the fourth time, I just left.
I checked two more jewellery places. No, they don't have anything in size 58, no, they even do not make things in size 58.
I was frustrated. I'm always frustrated by shopping malls, you know, I pretty hate them. In my native village I got a ring that fitted my index finger, I just asked, Do you have this one in a larger size? and the shop lady just brought one from the safe. Maybe we're all lumberjacks there. Or obese. Or just normal.

I dyed the yarn for Jane. It improved my mood quite a bit, along with the pasta. Yarn is reliable. The colours are however distorted. There were two seconds of sunshine today but the rest was plain gloomy so I had to use inside lights and they are weird.