Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mace and white pepper

I got mace because I had got a big box of raclette and wanted to make fondue. And it somehow developed that I started putting mace to anything I cook. As for white pepper, I just found it in the cupboard and I have to admit that it looks much better than black pepper in most foods. But it would make a nice colourway for some nice yarn. I'll think about it.
I started Jane's shrug. The yarn is a bit disappointing, it's almost homemade merino and I expected it somewhat softer. Or maybe I'm spoiled by all the alpaca and other fine yarns I've been using lately. But the thing looks just fine. I'll dip it in some hair conditioner when it's finished.
I needed to go to the library and to the post office so I decided to settle in the bookstore cafeteria. I'm halfway thru one book so I made another 200 pages. I like to knit Norwegian patterns in that cafe, with the gentle background noise and some fiction book I would never buy. We had almost five seconds of sun today (and half a day of rain) but I noticed that the sky is clearing, maybe I'll be able to make a few decent pics in decent daylight.