Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More yarn

Feel free to drool. Next time I'll be writing about my writing. All of these are vintage Noro yarns I hunted on eBay and all of them are wonderful. I have a weak spot for this brand, they have nice materials and nice colours although the candy pink Hoozuki is too much for me. The filenames for the pics show the names of yarns. Just the last one is Kyoto by W. West Designs but it somehow fits in. This is the only one of there of which I have enough for a sweater, most of the others are only one or two skeins and they are meant for the collection.
For some strange reason, great part of the yarn is named after flowers. And another handful has history names... although it might be a coincidence, I just know some stuff I stupmbled upon when reading Genji and other odd stuff.
Off to knitting and healing my cold (it's just a plain nasty cold - no aggravated allergy. Good enough).