Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I got three kilos of yarn. Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen with Katarina and knitting a sock (she explained me how to) and the school director came and said something like it's cool to knit, I used to crochet and I don't do anymore and there's some yarn in the attic, should you want some. So we went to dig it up. I didn't expect too much, something like scratchy acrylic whatever but there was a huge bag of.... Wool, another wool, thicker wool, thinner wool.... I got the smaller part. First we sorted it out and realized that the scratchy and itchy thick wool would be maybe useful for army sweaters, s/m apparel or weaving rugs.. most probably rugs, army sweaters or s/m apparel in black and baby blue wouldn't be what people expect. But the rest were wonderful vintage woolen yarns and Katarina had to be pretty strict with me as what to leave there. In the worst cases something like 90%wool, 10% whatever. And wonderful ones. Some strange activity of Providence had made me pack the few things into my weekend suitcase as I had things more than for the shoulder bag and I didn't feel like travelling with a paper bag.. and the suitcase was half empty although pretty small... so I could squeeze the stuff easily in. Well, not that easily. Somehow. Katarina wants gloves and scarf from the thin red one whereas the right row is one type of yarn and as such it calls for some sort of Norwegian pattern with reindeer or something. Should someone from there (I mean Norway or around) read this and know of a pattern for that, here with it.
The sock is wonderful. When I was still halfway in the process, Katarina said that it's like a sleeping bag for the foot and it indeed is, it's the mohair that makes it fluffy and soft and if my mom doesn't love them, then she's pretty ungrateful:-). And by the way, Tähti lost her voice. She meows and no sound is made. Wonderful. And she doesn't seem to be frustrated at all.
Finished the first half of the scarf. It looks hardly different from the sample piece I published the otehr day. Katarina loved that yarn and wanted me to get her some - although it was efore we discovered the treasure.