Wednesday, October 11, 2006


See what i'm into. If you happen to be my friends, you can apply for christmas gifts although I'm not sure for which Christmas. If you're passers-by, there'll be something on one day.

The gray and white is Nuvola by Titanwool, wool, mohair, polysomething, warm, fluffy, feels like a hug. Five balls only, two or one planned for the revenge socks. The needles are 3mm ones, to give you the idea of thickness.

The blue stuff is less purple in reality and it'll be all nicely boiled in bright blue to add some undertones. Pure alpaca, guys. Not enough for a sweater, I think, could be combined with the Nuvola stuff, maybe even without dyeing. Dunno yet what to do with it. The yarn is aprox. same thickness as the one above but denser and not so fluffy. I didn't bother with the sample, it'll go to the dying vat once more and it's better to keep it in a hank as it is.

This grey thing is textured meaning that it has no sense to create plastic patterns. Another mohair blend and light colours dye nicely. A scarf or something? I'll think about it.

Superwash wool. Fluffy and lovely. This is gonna be my sweater soon. Featuring with size 5 needles. But this yarn is continued and available all the time... so no need to worry. All the other stuff is from all sorts of obscure sales which are never to be repeated or something....