Tuesday, October 10, 2006

...some more

I was off to my parents' for a weekend. well, from Sunday up till now. On Saturday I was off for a trip with the students. Parents were in the middle of some sort of continuous argument or whatever they might call their relationship, starting that dad convinced my mom to go to some sort of car races on Sunday and when she said yeah, ok, I have never been to such an event, he started asking whether she really wants to go in such style that she felt she wouldn't be too welcome. So when I arrived, we went for a walk and talked stupidities and she said that they decided to go somewhere warm for christmas, that they deserve, especially she, some sort of nice cool Christmas without any cleaning and forced socializing. She wants to go to Reunion, basically.. and Dad insists on New Zealand stopping in Sydney for some time. So there'll be a bit of fun, I guess. And no trip after all, with quite a probability:-)
I browsed the local yarn stores and got the Nuvola. For the revenge socks and for some more projects.
Tähti is sitting on my lap now, not wanting me to go away and Red is still quite full of fleas... they haven't killed each other when I was gone - good.

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