Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some more yarn

Red is increaisngly curious, today morning she even came to my bed to see what's up htere when the big cat spends most of her time there. Tähti is jealous, bothers me all the time, when she meets Red, she looks hurt and to whos me who is the master of the house, Tähti peed into the bedsheet again. Tomorrow I'll get the washing machine fixed so I'll wash it but anyway. My place ain' one huge cat toilet. Grrr, damn stinking little nasty creature.
I got some more sale yarn. Called Creative pack: Yellow and Creative pack: Black. Something like Salsa bolognese, meaning yesterday's leftovers. I'll create someting, be assured. I love the yellow/pink/blue/green yarn. And te cashmere mix, one of the blacks. And all the rest.