Monday, October 02, 2006

And now about something totally normal.

The upper part of the white sweater. should you be interested how to make it, I don't have much idea. It has to be cast on in two pieces (one sleeve, back part of the neckline, other sleeve, front part) and somehow kept together for soemthing like three rows when it's knit together. It sucks, I couldn't get longer circulars than 100 cm and because even those cost money, I got one and then used an 80cm and a 60cm (this one was a size larger, i. e. 6, because i knit tighter). Apart from the usual topology problems (tangling the cast on part in many impossible ways) I had to carefully plan because of changing the needeles. Four would be optimal. Anyhow, three rows are knit from the top and then you take two needles and knit one stitch to one, one to another to form sleeves and the 'seam' will be on the upper edge as well as on the lower. Of course that the area under the opening for the neck is separate from the beginning so it's all knit on its relative needle. When the sleeves are wide enough, the opposite happens - you knit from two needles to one up to armpits. Then the magic part comes: from one side you knit round the body and return to the end of the sleeve, then the same from the other sleeve, resulting in two rows on the sleeves from their relative balls and one on the body from each ball. Then cast off on the sleeves and go round and round.
I like knitting in one piece. In all impossible ways. I hate stitching the pieces together. When the thing is all knitted together, it's much neater and more interesting.
(Yes, this piece is full of knitting mistakes as well.)