Monday, October 16, 2006

Living in art school

I needed some life or something of that sort.
The student trip left me in pretty depressive mood and as Katarina had invited me to her place in the mountains, I was pretty glad to go. I had to get up at four which was killing, regarding that it's almost the time when I go to bed, but I managed. I took the first morning metro (what a luck. I thought it works from something like four, not almost five), managed to get to the station and on the train on which I happily slept most of the journey... sell, not happily but slept and at something like ten I was in Jesenik, behind the mountains, where weather was awful (it's autumn and the weather has a certain awful tendency in lowlands too, anyway), Katarina was dissolving some workshop at the art school where she works and resides so I slept meantime... The school is a bit short of money for heating ('I'm ready to go for an internship to northern Finland, after living here for two years', to quote my dear friend. The dreary evening in fact did call for a sauna, snowdrift and not fully reasonable amount of booze but the building is booze-free - the school director is a former alcoholic and as for the rest, we're in Central Europe, whatever we might think about it. To put it simly, we were damn cold.) but there's mushrooms growing in the garden and a magnificent view over the mountains. Unless it's misty, raining or something, of course. the view. the mushrooms are in the season regardless of weather.
Today my main job was to print 450 new year cards.
This is a pic totally destroying my carefully built image of a lazyass, Katarina borrowed my camera and caught me working. Well, I have to admit that I was miming the brave builders of happy future on the reliefs from the 20's and that I have much less charm than those stone guys who keep the power plants operating and stuff. But, I can use my hands, should it be needed. Thru the whole day I produced the goddamn cards (it was a barter trade for some sponsoring or whatever) and developed a nice back ache. The theory that manual work is a healing experience has certain weak points.
But.. I'm enjoying this place.