Monday, October 02, 2006


Yesterday there was the registration of foreign students where I and Kristina had some sort of presentation of the volunteers. The International department (for whatever the reason inhabited mainly by former students of the Finnish language department and pretty annnoying people) did its usual job so us, who were there to inform the goddamn people that we take care about their cultural life, were asked million times questions like And is the International Politics course good? or Do I really have to fill in all these papers. The courses questions would be answered much easier if someone used a few brain cells and stuck the lists of courses somewhere else than at the back of the lecture room where people had to knock over people sitting in the back row and if the papers were printed in something more readable than size 12 letters. But, criticizing is always easy and when one spends two hours answering the same questions of which half should be answered by someone else.. oddly enough, not that many people came asking Kristina. I probably looked clever even though I had some makeup on. But seems that at least part of the people looked nice and cooperative so maybe all the stuff will be ok.
I know totaly nothing, I"m drained of all my mental powers, I should take the red one to the vet and she's hiding behind the fridge, Tähti ocassionally pukes, I caught myself that I'm talking about cat shit all teh time. Thought that this cat business would be much easier. I feel guilty about it but I think about stopping that.