Saturday, October 07, 2006


I live in a continuous mess, forgetting appointments, being late, going to wrong places, my cellphone messed the phonebook up in such a way.. well, I thought I invited someone for a dinned and it appeared that it was someone else. Today it happened again but I knew the guy by voice.... I just wonder what is going to happen next. And where has Niko's number gone (or will I call Niko when calling Mom or the bank? and what if i need to call the bank, who will answer? I should check it all but I have some 200 people there, well, 180 if i delete all the names which don't ring a bell, who the hell might be Dagmar? Don't remember anyone of that name....)
I got the washing machine fixed but didn't manage to do any washing. I came home, a friend was already waiting for me - he had called that he'd appear to pick some things which he had left in my place before, another friend was coming for the dinner... as there's not my name on the doorbell (I didn't fix a new label there yet), he called, i waved from the window and went to open, slammed the door nicely so that the cats wouldn't go out and downstairs I discovered that I was holding the celly in one hand... and the keys were up in the appartment. After thirty seconds of curses in various languages (have you noticed that southern Italian can create a hour-long lament telling everything about someone's relatives, saints, Virgin Mary and unnatural sexual acts whereas in Finnish a few syllables are enough for expressing all the hatred of the world? And that some languages have curses related to final phases of digestion whereas other languages prefer sexually explicit lingo for the same things? I think I used everything of these.........) and then I recalled that those friends who did the catsitting have the second bunch of keys. The rest was a bit of organizing.