Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I hope someone up there is adding all that for me.

Yesterday evening I came home after showing the foreign students around the Museum of Applied Arts (there was the usual chaos, the meeting point was at the faculty, the museum is literally next door so some clever guys were waiting at the National Museum which is a different institution somewhere else) and wanted to feed the tabby as usual. He looked quite normal, regarding the illness. He refused to drink and then he died. I was pissed off. I spent a week nursing, cleaning after him and he just died. To calm my nerves I grabbed the rubbish and the earthly remains of he poor kitten to throw it all away and then had a useless and boring walk in Tesco where I bought some more food. I'm always buying food and my kitchen is crammed with whatever - I realized that there's already quite a lot of frozen vegetables in the freezer....
Today I cleaned up most of the traces in the kitchen, disinfected the kitty carrier where he used to spend most of his time and now I should go back to normal work, thesis and stuff. I dyed some yarn instead.

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