Thursday, September 28, 2006

...[all invention gone]

Tabby is still sick. The washing machine is badly fixed or what so it leaked, I had water all oved but.. i needed to clean up anyway so when I got rid of the worst puddles, I just sprinkled some disinfection all over. And let some air in so now the place smells of the thingie for cleaning toilets and not like cat poo. The plumber will come next week, some other things are needed.. but meantime I'll have accumulated a large heap of filthy towels.. I need to wrap the little one into something and as he has diarrhoea and is too weak to clean himself... at least the medicinal carbon makes the poo stylishly black and it the smell gets absorbed, otherwise it would be like a bad compost in here.
Enough cat shit. I went to meet some Hospitality Club guys and after half a year I spoke Italian again and it went a bit tough. I should read more... after all, I promised it to Giulia.
I have no ideas. No brain cells either, seems.