Saturday, September 23, 2006

Knee deep in kittens

They're actually only three. One big scared tabby, one calico, smaller and scared, and a tiny red wrathful devil. She bit my finger, now she's in hiding between the washing machine and the wall and her look says clearly Wait when I'm bigger, I'll bite your ears off.
I offered my humble help to one of the local shelters and went to introduce myself and stuff. To my surprise, a girl who looked like 13 came to open but as I was told later, she studies veterinary medicine and spends her weekend catching cats, organizing the cat-sitters and stuff. I took it a bit easy, I even didn't take the kitty carrier with me. She then gave me the three little ones to tame, lent me a shelter carrier (as soon as they go out, I'll scrub it in hot water) and off I was sent.
The kitties are in the bathroom and look unfriendly....