Wednesday, September 27, 2006


here is the basic stuff.I have it at home. One dead, one sick, one still wild but who knows. That website says that normal disinfectants don't work too well on the virus and all Ii have at home is the thingie for cleaning toilets.... At least Tähti is vaccinated. I took the poor little one to the vet yesterday, spent there money for the second half of October...and at seven in the morning she was stone hard.
Meantime: Sunday evening the Americans came so I shoved them around a bit, debugged the kitten, my place was full of cats and bikes on which the people arrived and left today morning.
yesterday I went to pick one of my students to the airport. The university didn't send him any papers, just mailed him. However, the person who mailed him that everything is arranged and ok, forgot to notify the relevant places as to arrange him some lodging and whatever. so I had him at home. Well, I needed to do my errands like kitties to the vet (wanted a paper that the ed one doesn't have rabies, should my hole in the index finger need some medical assistance , they would want it from me. Luckily, it's not getting inflamed), feeding Hiisi and getting the guy a local phone number, if nothing else. So special thanks of the day go to Niko who depsite all the mess in which he arrived, spent the whole afternoon with me, carrying a box full of cats.
I cancelled the exam.
I expect that I'm going to get hit by a meteorite.