Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fuck'em all

I planned to write several nice entries about the places I've seen. With some nice pics.
Yesterday I came home and found a knocked flowerpot, soil all over, cats hysterical. I cursed them for the mess, then went to my room, the bag with Christmas gifts was not on the bookshelf but on the floor and things scattered around so I cursed the cats again.. yeah, there was a ball of yarn all over, too, and then i straightened my back after picking something and noticed that my comp is gone. I even skipped several minutes of cursing and called the police.
TO sum it up, comp gone, camera gone, the shift lens which ruined my savings gone (blah... jsut some stupid 1500 euros), PDA gone (not that it was a thing i needed urgently but still), Christmas gifts gone, for whatever the reason half of my used makeup stuff gone. And my old bag, big pot, still dirty from dyeing yarn (I hope that the dye is at least mildly poisonous), my ancient discman I've had from 1997 and to which I was deeply emotionally attached. And some cash, luckily, being broke, I didn't have much of it, although those 60euros in coins whichI just gathered in a can.. well, that would make a nice big exhibition catalog from an interesting exhibition. ANd the aquamarine pendant I got for some birthday or what and which I quite liked although the chain always got tangled in my hair.
what stayed: USB cable for the camera - the robbers were probably very smart, the camera was cabled to the comp... fish-eye lens (500 euros) which was in its nice neat case with Pentax written on it and which lay on the floor in the middle of the room. Silver tableware stayed in place. Cats hysterical but alive..... could've been carried away with the pot, as Barka remarked with insight.
I'm tired.
Compassion and material help welcome.

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