Monday, June 26, 2006

Everyday boring life

My fridge looked like this: the poor things are a bit of garlic salami, not edible unless used in trace amounts for sauces or something, a bit of mustard, yeast, olives (bad ones, I'll have to find one who likes them) and pickled chilli peppers. Three carrots and five aged zucchini and no pasta to eat them with. And a can of beer, which Kirsi has forgotten here or it grew by itself in the fridge. I don't drink beer and I even don't buy it. There were also a bucket of yoghurt, bowl of salad and a pack of mascarpone, all half eaten. Oddly enough, the salad just smelled suspicious but I noticed that for yoghurt, there's a yellow mold that smells like mold, whereas mascarpone rots pink and smells... yuck. I did some throwing away (not throwing up, it wasn't that bad)... and realized that well, I can eat rice and legumes but still, there's the high time for going shopping. And eating plain rice and lentils sucks. The basic problem is that I'm broke (and I mean broke.There's next to nothing remaining in the bank and I just need something for emergencies or disasters. And for even worse disasters, there's the piggy bank, but it's untouchable until the house falls down or something...) so I have to suffer conscience pangs and use my father's credit card. Or starve. Okay, I shouldn't have spend last of my money for things like gift for Linda and yarn, but... but anyway. I went to the gym and then to food supplying expedition. So I upgraded my fridge thusly:
Not that it was to feed an aircraft carrier for a month... but there're a few packs of stuff in other places to go with these. Notice that there are lots of proteins. I've been lacking them lately, somehow. Especially in form of smoked salmon:-). After all, they say that smoked salmon contains something that erases wrinkles and, and more importantly, makes one think better. So if I'm to graduate this year, I need it anyway.
And a big shopping is a workout for free.... I hate workout and I hate shopping, especially when I left Tesco, where I walked some five kilometers to find the proper derivates of fermented milk to satiate my palates. Or, in normal, street English, I felt like having some cheese. And while dragging five bags of something in the hot June air, which gives you the feeling that someone is beating you with a washing cloth dipped in hot, dirty water, I just wondered why the hell I'm stinking (both metaphorically and literally, I cannot help sweating and this weather is beyond imagination of deodorant-makers) here, in Prague, of all places? Why the hell I'm not in the mountains, watching the stars? Hiking and taking photographs of flowers and... and something?
Remember my ginger? The ugly, odd-shaped bulb of the end of May? I installed it in a flowerpot and today it dug its way up to the light. A lovely nice little sprout. My basil is doing ok and there's a sprout of something else between the tiny basil plants, probably something from the previous content of the pot (I think I was planting dates.... no idea, but I vaguely recall sticking some seeds into soil). I just wonder how a ginger plant looks like. And i should invent some name for it, leave the proposals in comments, thank you.