Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Little things.

I did the cleaning. I wrapped my books. I'll go reading and knitting. I'll go to the gym (I was there on Monday and my abs started to hurt today). I'm putting down some crap which will become my thesis one day. Nicely, quietly..... something exciting will follow tomorrow. Lots of pics.
Yeah, and I made some pesto and it's delicious.
And I have to add, my dearest sweetest mother called. Among other stuff I told her that I'll bring the cat to her place next week probably - and she seemed to have jumped two metres, started screaming that I'm not bringing anything.... and when I reminded her, that she said that i can bring Tähti, she said nothing and just insisted that she wants no cats in her house and that it's all my problem and that she had not allowed me getting any pets (here I'd like to remind readers that I'm 27 and sane) and that it's all my problem what I'll do with the cat. It's not fair. To announce that the cat in her house is ok, let me rely on it and then claim the opposite - and even less fair is throwing the thing on me, as if it was me who changed her mind and did it for malicious reasons. Damn.