Monday, June 26, 2006

On graduating.

I went to school (decided not to take the exam, I'm oversaturated with data and cannot absorb any more) to see a guy which was not there and I needed to sign some papers so the other job for the day was to go to the notary. I had to wait there for nearly two hours so apart from texting people, deleting unnecessary numbers from my cell phone (Should people like Hanna know who I am, they probably still have my number somewhere in case they needed me....), I started counting my credits. I've nearly done my fourth year as far as credits are concerned (and at the end of third from the time-of-study point of view) and I cannot say for sure at which stage of study I am, because it is a total mess. We don't have to do one exam after another or in any other specified order. So I do them without any system. And I realized that to be finished, I have to do:
8 various exams
4 papers, thesis included
exam on everything after third year of study
exam on everything after fifth year of study
and that's it.
Basically, I can be finished before Christmas.
I send a message about that to a friend of mine, adding that it calls for a stake. She texted me back that I can do it. I texted that yeah, ok, bottle of something, year 1979. She assured me again that I can do it. I added that should there be some obstruction of bureaucratic character or other problems not on my side, then the first possible date after Christmas counts. She asked whether wine or port.
So I hereby declare that I plan to do my final exams before Christmas.

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