Saturday, April 26, 2008

Out in the wild

For years, I've wanted to take a picture similar to one Vilem Heckel made. Prague castle with picturesque clouds, photographed from the pear orchards, with blossoming pears. I haven't managed. Neither before, nor this year.
There's a pear tree next to this house so the things are positively blossoming in this area. I checked twice in the morning, looked at the sky which promised a promising mixture of the blue stuff and clouds and off I went. St. Murphy stood by my side so before I got where I needed to, the blue stuff was entirely covered by the clouds.
The area up the hill is freaking nice. There's a huge orchard that belonged to the monastery above and now it serves as a public park which means that it's unpruned. The area around is tourists, tourist traps, tourist crap, overpriced restaurants, hotels, cafes and other institutions that lack the basic politesse of addressing the public in the native language of the country - and then, they lack the basic knowledge of any other languages, thus committing unforgivable crimes on other languages, be it English, French or whatever else.
The only oases of normality are the occasional convents and churches and embassies. Quiet, peaceful and they have some sense and are useful for the world. Tourists are a nuisance.
I tried to take my picture but it's no big deal. Either Heckel had some advanced technology, basically a lens with immense depth of the field, or there was some nasty trick to it. He had well focused the pear blossoms and the castle. And, I mean in one picture. I should have taken the shift lens, that one is better than the normal one. I could get off with some photoshopping but that would be plainly mean. I know that people do it but.... it's no fun. You get blisters on your ass from excessive photoshopping and you lose the ability to make decent pictures, first of all. As you see, I decided that you'll get the picture of pear blossoms. They are cuter than the castle.
And, please, don't go to Prague. I don't want you here. There's around five million of tourists anyway and they've taken everything away so there's nothing to see and coming here would be a waste of time.

For the guy on the tram: I appreciate your interest in my candies. No, I'm not a Finn, definitely from where they'd speak with such an accent so I have no clue what you told me. And that's the reason why I even didn't try to start a conversation. Moreover, you got off on the next stop.

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