Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I dyed some yarns. Quite some yarns.
I also messed some but it's nothing that couldn't be fixed. It came out of the washing machine pretty tangled - sure, I tie the hanks (one untied itself, the knot stayed, though. It has to be some perverted topology) and I even knot them so that they don't come out of the washing machine as one terrible mess. Today they were particularly evil because they even unknotted themselves.
Note to self: silk takes the cotton dye. That explains why the green and purple guts look like guts, not like pretty tweedy yarn. I'll redye it but it sucks.
The wool/cotton blend worked better although the purple and turquoise yarn has no flair.
The wet mohair looks like dead dog but that's the usual habit of wet mohair. Although I know it, it's pretty unnerving.
No redyeing tomorrow, I have an exam to pass.